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290RD rear door control box

The HYCP290RD rear door control box is made up of high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and aluminum die-cast angle components. Simple design, solid structure. The anodized aluminum profile on the surface is easier to wipe, and the box body is always bright as new.
The control box is widely used in the installation of various human-machine interfaces and accessories on CNC machine tools, assembly lines and special equipment. With cantilevers or support systems, it can fully meet the requirements of actual operation. The size of the box body is completely customized according to the requirements.
Basic Properties and Parameters:
Effective installation depth: 290mm
Custom maximum size: Front panel width: 700MM Front panel height: 800mm
Box protection level: rear door: IP54 screw fixed rear panel: IP65
Selection of box material: aluminum profile and handle: aluminum alloy 6063
Angular component: die-cast aluminium alloy 102
Handle fastener: PA glass fiber increase;
Box body standard color: aluminum profile and handle: anodized aluminum color
Angle part: Rock ash, similar to RAL 7012
Back door(rear panel): Spraying, Silver gray
Silk anodized aluminum oxide color
Handle fastener: gray